⋈ LOLLIPOP ⋈ Dress

1.799,00 inc. Vat

Size XS-S

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Paillettes give this dress the necessary sparkle and let you shine on the dancefloor.
The dress has a volan at the end of the skirt and on the chest. The paillettes are not fixed, in combination with the volan,  it makes a beautiful big movement.

There are two different ways how we create the bust area:

     ⋈ with double material that offer freedom to the bust (for those, who have a small bust or do not like cups)

     ⋈ with fixed cups that offer shape to the bust

This dress is limited to one piece!

This item is available in the size XS-S. The dress is in a perfect condition. It was designed for the TV show ‘DWTS’ in Lithuania. If you wish a similar dress made especially for you, contact us through email or instagram.

As usual, our BELLATRICIA REFINED PROMISE  applies. Be always a style ahead! 


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