⋈ Fresh Kiss ⋈ Dress

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Size XS-S

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Become young and personable with our ⋈ Fresh Kiss ⋈ dress. The skirt and the upper part are pimped with pink fringe. Additionally, the dress has tulle fabric on the chest area.

There are two different ways how we create the bust area:

     ⋈ with double material that offer freedom to the bust (for those, who have a small bust or do not like cups)

     ⋈ with fixed cups that offer shape to the bust

This dress is currently limited to one piece!

This item is available in the size XS-S. This dress is in a very good condition. It was worn at the TV show ‘DWTS’ in Lithuania.

If you need a different size or wish to have a dress tailored to your measurements, please send us an inquiry or contact us on instagram or phone.

As usual, our BELLATRICIA REFINED PROMISE  applies. Be always a style ahead! 


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