⋈ FLUFFY VELVET ⋈ Tracksuit Gent

299,00 inc. Vat



Whether during training, teaching, warming up before the competition or cool down after or just in the car, at home or while jogging – our velvet tracksuit is your constant companion. The high cut pants have a great waist and adapt ideally to any body shape thanks to our elastic band.

Thanks to a special cut in the neck area and the tight fit of the sleeves, the shirt stays perfectly in position even when the arms are raised. You can decide how you wish to wear your shirt – with longer or shorter sleeves. Create your own look and feel comfortable and trendy in every situation.

Get for your partner the same look ⋈ and be a perfect couple.

You can order the item separately as well:

⋈ Unisex pants ⋈

⋈ T-shirt ⋈

As usual, our BELLATRICIA REFINED PROMISE applies. Be always a style ahead! 


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